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AMD Opteron 6238 (ES)

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Code nameInterlagos
Base clock2600 MHz
Turbo full / half / single2900 | 3200 | 3200 MHz
Base multiplier13×
Technology32 nm
Transistors2400 million
Die size630 mm2
Cores / threads12 / 12
L1 data cache12 × 16 kB
L1 inst. cache6 × 64 kB
L2 cache6 × 2048 kB
L2 cache typeOn-die, full speed
L3 cache2 × 8192 kB
L3 cache typeOn-die, 2000 MHz
Basic inst.x86, x87, MMX(+), SSE
Extended inst.SSE2, (S)SSE3
Extended inst. 2x86-64, SSE(4.1, 4.2, 4a)
Extended inst. 3AMD-V, AES-NI, AVX
Extended inst. 4FMA4, XOP
Bus typeHT, 6400 MHz, 32 bit
Bus bandwith25600 MB/s
SocketSocket G34
Package1944 Contact LGA
Package size60 x 42.5 mm
Manufacture date22nd week of 2011
Voltage1.1 V
TDP115 W
Memory controllerDDR3 1600 ECC Reg. / DDR3 1600, 256 bit
Integrated VGA-
Release date2011
AMD Opteron 6238 (ES) (front side)

AMD Opteron 6238 (ES) (front side)

AMD Opteron 6238 (ES) (back side)

AMD Opteron 6238 (ES) (back side)